TL/DR; This site is about fitness and technology.

I have been working with technology professionally for over 20 years. I have crossed the spectrum from sys admin to junior developer to project manager to senior software engineer.

I have a (perhaps unhealthy?) love affair with technology.

While my main focus is software development, I love tinkering with electronics and other DIY projects. For over 10 years, I focused mainly on the Java family of technologies. I even got to co-author a book on the subject as well as having a number of articles published in trade magazines. I’m a casual grey hat, having obtained my CISSP and having wiped out the computers of a few teenagers from China and Taiwan trying to hack into my computers. I also got to contribute a chapter to a book on security.

The past year has brought a beautiful diversity into my life as I’ve become immersed in Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Map/Reduce with Hadoop and Cascalog, and git to tie it all together (I had been a subversion zealot, but I’ve drank the git kool aid and I can never go back!)

For well over 10 years, I have been interested in healthy eating and in fitness. I’ve logged millions of kilometers on my Concept 2 erg. I’ve had personal trainers and gym memberships. Right now, I am taking on a challenge that I have most feared in the world of fitness: running a marathon (I will be posting soon about how I am training for it). To be clear, I am in no way “buff” or “ripped”. I still sport the pot belly of my forefathers, but I am fit. Without being too graphic, I will also tell you that I’ve had gastro-intestinal problems for many years. I am completely off dairy products and meat. I eat a nearly vegetarian diet, but I do have wild fish from time-to-time to make sure I get enough protein. This is not because it’s impossible to get enough protein from a purely plant based diet, but it is because I don’t want to eat too much tofu and I am lazy.

This blog is dedicated to my endeavors in fitness and in technology. I hope that I will spur some conversation and give back to the communities that have given so much to me.


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  1. Steve Bitteker says:

    Hi Micah, I enjoyed reading your blob posts about what you’re up to both on the tech and your physical endeavors. I have also been getting into fitness, biking to work which is about 14 round trip. Being the competitive introverted type I bike like hell and bike and then night Steve doesn’t go to bed early enough and Morning Steve always suffers to the point where Morning Steve can’t go biking every day, but this gives me some time to read on the subway. I’m reading a book that you might like. It’s called UltraMind by Dr. Mark Hyman. At first glance you might think it’s not for you, because he talks about depression and anxiety, but in a nutshell he gives you a formula and all the reasons and references behind why most Americans feel like shit most of the time and have brain fog, like me. UltraMind is 1 of 4 New York Times best sellers. UltraPrevention, UltraMetabolism and UltraCookbook are the others. He practices in Lenox, Ma.

    I’m always inspired by your insatiable taste for new technology. I’ll pass on your site to a few others. Run lola run, good movie.

    Your Bud,

  2. Michael S says:


    Unrelated topic: Passable does not/will not work with Win XP SP3 and Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5 (11G63b). Please investigate. Thanks.


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