TL/DR; This site is about fitness and technology.

I have been working with technology professionally for over 20 years. I have crossed the spectrum from sys admin to junior developer to project manager to senior software engineer.

I have a (perhaps unhealthy?) love affair with technology.

While my main focus is software development, I love tinkering with electronics and other DIY projects. For over 10 years, I focused mainly on the Java family of technologies. I even got to co-author a book on the subject as well as having a number of articles published in trade magazines. I’m a casual grey hat, having obtained my CISSP and having wiped out the computers of a few teenagers from China and Taiwan trying to hack into my computers. I also got to contribute a chapter to a book on security.

The past year has brought a beautiful diversity into my life as I’ve become immersed in Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Map/Reduce with Hadoop and Cascalog, and git to tie it all together (I had been a subversion zealot, but I’ve drank the git kool aid and I can never go back!)

For well over 10 years, I have been interested in healthy eating and in fitness. I’ve logged millions of kilometers on my Concept 2 erg. I’ve had personal trainers and gym memberships. Right now, I am taking on a challenge that I have most feared in the world of fitness: running a marathon (I will be posting soon about how I am training for it). To be clear, I am in no way “buff” or “ripped”. I still sport the pot belly of my forefathers, but I am fit. Without being too graphic, I will also tell you that I’ve had gastro-intestinal problems for many years. I am completely off dairy products and meat. I eat a nearly vegetarian diet, but I do have wild fish from time-to-time to make sure I get enough protein. This is not because it’s impossible to get enough protein from a purely plant based diet, but it is because I don’t want to eat too much tofu and I am lazy.

This blog is dedicated to my endeavors in fitness and in technology. I hope that I will spur some conversation and give back to the communities that have given so much to me.


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    Unrelated topic: Passable does not/will not work with Win XP SP3 and Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5 (11G63b). Please investigate. Thanks.


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