Memorizing lots of passwords sucks.
Writing down passwords sucks.
Using the same password everywhere sucks.
Using password vaults sucks.
Two factor authentication is expensive.
And, therefore, sucks.

But now, you’re home free. Introducing Passable.

Passable is an application that generates very secure, unique passwords for websites and applications. With Passable, you never again have to write, save or remember passwords to your laundry list of sites or apps. Not only will you enjoy freedom from password management and recall, Passable is also free of charge (but please, pay it forward).

Download Passable here. Passable can be installed on your Mac or PC (desktop or laptop) and also your mobile device (iPhone | iPad | iPod Touch). The Android version is coming soon.

Learning how to use Passable is easy. Watch this brief tutorial:

How it works:

With Passable, you remember a long “Secret Phrase” that only you know. Something like:

The rain in spain falls mainly on the plain

(But make up your own)

Whenever you need a password, you use an “Account Nickname” – a short identifier. For instance, for a gmail account, the identifier might be:

gmail bob

(But make up your own)

Passable generates a very strong password which is copied to the clipboard. You don’t even need to look at the generated password. You just paste it in where you need it.

The net result? Every application or website is automatically assigned different password — without you ever having to remember it.

You pick the password strength you need:

Superman Strong generates 40 character password
Extremely Strong generates a 28 character password
Very Strong generates a 20 character password
Strong generates a 14 character password

Ready for a test drive?

Launch the Passable application you just installed. Enter the following Secret Phrase and Account Nickname into the Passable app:

Secret Phrase: The rain in spain falls mainly on the plain
Account Nickname: gmail bob

For each type of password that you can generate, paste the result in the boxes below. You’ll immediately see if you got it right or not.

superman strong:

extremely strong:

very strong:



Many thanks to Brad Tilley at 16 Systems for the original idea.

Download for:

iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad: Passable

Mac OSX: PassableDesktop.dmg
(md5sum: 5047e5a198e1d945846c98b2aaa15c4d)

Windows: PassableDesktop.msi
(md5sum: c9c77bfbff3584f17ec67b2668cc212b)

Linux: PassableDesktop.tgz
(md5sum: b4bd118a92253a3dc4e18dbc133d38fb)

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