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Micah Silverman

I'm a technology junkie, maker, fitness enthusiast and life long chaotic neutral. I love java, motor cycling, jogging, spring boot, rowing, mongodb, biking, node.js, hiking, clojure and lifting, to name a few.

A Fit Nerd's new home

A few days away from 6 years ago I started this blog and hosted it on wordpress. Wordpress has an awesome community, so many plugins and is (relatively) easy to setup. But, I’ve always found it a bit heavyweight for a blog.

As a developer and contributor to many open source projects, I live and breath markdown. So, it seems like a more natural fit to use Jekyll for the blog tech and to just host it on Github pages. It’s free and thanks to the Jekyll-uno plugin, looks great on desktop and mobile.

I am going to port over my posts from over the years, but it will take a little while. Since I’ve been a fair weather blogger (at best), it won’t take too long.

You can see the old posts here.

In the meantime, I ported over one of my personal favs from back in the day: my weekend project of restoring a Dark Tower game to its original glory.

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