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Micah Silverman

I'm a technology junkie, maker, fitness enthusiast and life long chaotic neutral. I love java, motor cycling, jogging, spring boot, rowing, mongodb, biking, node.js, hiking, clojure and lifting, to name a few.

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  2. Man in the Middle Yourself to See What Your IoT is Up To


  3. We're in a Golden Age of Home Automation


  4. Travel Necessities of the Modern Road Warrior


  5. Omni Charge Delivers Power

    As a Samsung Galaxy S8 owner and software developer with a 2016 MacBook Pro, Apple has done me a huge favor in moving over to USB-C for all its ports. …

  6. What if Spring Boot Handled Forms Like JSON?

    What follows is an unexpected journey to some of the inner workings of Spring Boot. In particular, how it handles materializing POJOs from an incoming HTTP request. It all started with an innocent look at the Slack API… …

  7. A Fit Nerd's new home

    A few days away from 6 years ago I started this blog and hosted it on wordpress. Wordpress has an awesome community, so many plugins and is (relatively) easy to setup. But, I’ve always found it a bit heavyweight for a blog. …

  8. Killing Distractions, Mac Automator Style

    It has been a long long while since I’ve posted anything here. Life just kind of got in the way. Lame. Frankly, I’ve gotten a bit away from the “fit” part of Here’s what I am excited about: I recently took a position as the Java Developer Evangelist for Stormpath. This is such a wonderful mix of two of my favorite things - programming and writing - I sometimes can’t believe my good fortune! Shameless plug alert: I really love Stormpath and what we are up to. Check us out. And, I’ve begun putting the “fit” back in. I’m beginning to run again, starting with 3 to 5 sessions per week on the elliptical. …

  9. Pomodoro & HipChat: Automate Availability

    The Pomodoro Technique is a way to enhance focus while working. There is a high cost in brainpower to stop doing what you are focused on, look at the tweet that just came in, and then try to start up where you left off. The idea of working in “pomodoros” is that you work uninterrupted for 25 minutes. Then you get a 5 minute break. After you do 4 of those cycles, you get a 10 minute break. Speaking from my own experience, I get a lot more done in 4 hours of pomodoros than 8 hours of work disrupted by various notifications. …

  10. Weekend Project: Fix Dark Tower

    This post is about replacing the keypad on the game Dark Tower. If you're not interested in my nostalgic blathering, click here to get right to the instructions. …